Image Source: (ISC)2 pilots new entry-level cybersecurity certification to tackle workforce shortages | CSO Online

Professional certification recognizes your knowledge and experience and enhances your professional credibility. Many students and developers cannot get certified since they cannot pay the certifications exams fees. After a little research on the internet, I found several database certification exams available for free by leading database providers in the market.

SchemaMapper logo

As in the first release (1.0.0), SchemaMapper was developed to merge data from different file types (flat file, Excel, Access …) into one SQL table. SchemaMapper 1.1.0 was released after being improved to support reading from relational databases and writing data into more data formats. Also, SchemaMapper 1.1.0 is now…

SQL Server Big Data Cluster (image source)

Before SQL Server 2012 release, this product was considered a database management system for small and medium enterprises. Starting with the 2012 release, the database engine is no longer considered for medium-scale enterprises after adding high-end data-center management capabilities. In November 2019, SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters were introduced…

Hadi Fadlallah

Data Engineer, Doctoral Researcher

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