Three leading database technologies are providing certification exams for free!

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1. Neo4j Certified Professional

Neo4j is the most popular graph database management system. It is very performant and guarantees high scalability, making it used by many leading companies such as Microsoft, HP, IBM, Adobe, CISCO, and eBay.

1. Brent Ozar

Brent Ozar (Reference)


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SchemaMapper 1.1.0 Release Notes — April 14, 2020

New — Improvements

  • Added the ability to import data from relational databases (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLCe, SQLite)
  • Added the ability to export data into Flat files, XML, and relational tables (Oracle, MySQL)
  • Source code optimization (OOP, added exporters namespace)
  • Support of Boolean data type in source and destination tables

Fixed Bugs

SQL Server Big Data Cluster (image source)

Data Compression (SQL Server 2008+)

This feature was added in SQL Server 2008 to be applied to tables and indexes. …

1. Prerequisites

1.1. Hadoop Cluster Installation

Apache Pig is a platform build on the top of Hadoop. You can refer to our previously published article to install a Hadoop single node cluster on Windows 10.

A step-by-step guide to install Apache Hive 3.1.2 on Windows 10 operating system

1. Prerequisites


Knowing what is Big Data

Before asking if your business needs Big Data technologies, you have first to know what…

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